Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FAST Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Tacos

I think you guys know by now that I am in LOVE with Perdue Gluten Free chicken tenders. They’re part of My Go-To Gluten Free Supper, and they’re what I use in a pinch for sure.

But last night I took them to a whole new level, when I realized that I forgot to thaw my chicken breasts for supper. I was feeling far too tired to try to defrost in the sink, so I baked up a few Perdue chicken tenders instead.

Good thing too friends, because what I created was just plain delicious!


Yes! Crispy Chicken Tacos that were ready in 20 minutes flat thanks to the geniuses at Perdue!

While my tenders were baking, I readied my toppings, that way once the tenders were finished all you had to do was assemble and enjoy!

The toppings Parrish and I enjoyed were:


toppings 2

and don’t forget…

toppings 3

All in one tasty assembly line!

crispy chicken gf tacos 002

I used a mix of Sharp Cabot Cheese and 50% Light Cabot Cheese. I only use Cabot exclusively because they have a gluten free promise on their package. PLUS they’re actually a cooperative of small farmers. I follow their co-op on Instagram and their cows are so adorable. I like knowing that I’m supporting families in New England.

And…their cheese is just so darn good!

crispy chicken gf tacos 014

Parrish and I both loved these tacos. I don’t think I would choose the tenders over grilled chicken for tacos every week, just for health reasons, but they were great for a quick meal!

Happy Tuesday!

I am FINALLY feeling better! Thank goodness the WEEK of the head cold is over!