Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year–New Me: 2013 Resolutions

Only seven days into the new year and I have already set my goals! This is quite a record for me; typically I stall think about what I would like to strive towards for weeks.

Unlike when I tried for 11 in 11 and 12 in 12, this year I am only giving myself 5. I figure that since I accomplished a life goal in 2012 – graduating from college – then I can go easy on myself for a while.

My first resolution is actually a shared resolution with Parrish:

resolution 1

#1:Listen to live music once every month (at least!)

Saturday night Parrish and I accomplished this goal for the month of January! I had a work function in downtown Durham, so after it was finished we took advantage of a free show at Motorco. The local bands weren’t the best in the world…but they weren’t bad either. It was fun to just see live music with my hubby!

#2: Eat supper without the television once a week.

Ooof. This is going to be a hard one. This is a long standing habit for me, but when I was in Wilmington I really enjoyed eating supper with my MIL and FIL without the television on in the background. I am determined!

#3: Exercise 5 times a week.

resolution 3

This isn’t really a new resolution…more of a…maintenance resolution. Exercise is important and I love the way it makes me feel. Energized. Happy. Confident. How could I not want to do something that will make me feel like that?!

iphone dump 8292012 566

#4: Try one new recipe a week

I’m not sure I will always be able to live up to once a week, but to keep things interesting for all of us, I’m going to try!

#5: Donate one box or bag of items to Goodwill monthly.

I have a TON of stuff. Once every few months I’ll cull through clothing and make a donation, but this year I want to be extra strict. Parrish and I live in a tiny house, and if we want to have kids within the next… five years (!!) then we have to get rid of stuff! We are swimming in books alone; just a consequence of two English majors marrying, but we aren’t going to read half of these books ever again.

So there you have it!

Nope, I’m not resolving to lose weight. Or floss. Those are two “goals” that have never worked for me. And each year they just laugh at me from my resolution list. This year I’ve decided to focus on goals that will enrich my life and make me AND those around me happier.

What about you?

Did you make resolutions this year?