Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Current FAVORITE Gluten Free Lunch

Yesterday was a LOOOOOOONG day.

I had my first board meeting for my new job. Yep. I don’t have one boss – I have seven! Luckily they’re all great folks with a passion for Fair Trade! I was nervous. Excited. And bogged down with the yearly budget!

Luckily I had time to make it to the gym for an hour. Nothing like putting the Arc Trainer up to 100% resistance to clear your mind!


Unfortunately I don’t have any exciting food to share with you. I spent the majority of my day yesterday working through invoices and blowing up One World Market’s facebook with beautiful nerdy pictures.

I did enjoy my absolute FAVORITE lunch yesterday:


Pacific brand Organic Chicken and Wild Rice Soup!

This soup is so flavorful!! I love the broth – all the chicken bits are good – and the rice gives it a great texture!

I’ve only been able to find this soup at Target, and be sure to check and make sure the gluten free is printed on the box! All of their soups aren’t gluten free but several of them are.

You know the funny thing about this soup?

Nearly a year ago I listed my Top FIVE Favorite Fast Foods here, and this soup was one of them!


Happy Wednesday!

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