Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gluten Hates Me in a Flash – and Friedman’s

You know what I love about Instagram and Facebook?

Aside from it allowing me to be the nosey person that I naturally am, it also lets me share with you guys in real time. Let’s be honest, I don’t always have time to blog.

BUT Instagram and Facebook allow me to connect quickly. Blog posts typically take at least an hour. (<----- Yes. It is not easy to be this charming!)

So friendly reminder: If you’re feeling like you want to know more about how I live my gluten free lifestyle then connect!

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Now. Let’s talk about New York!


Man oh man. What a CRAZY fun trip!!

It was the perfect balance of work and play, with tons and tons of food!

You guys gave me great recommendations, and I thought it would be nice to recap the one that was recommended the most.


Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market has an INCREDIBLE gluten free menu! Essentially you get the one basic menu, but then there are dots by every item they can prepare gluten free. And that my friends, is nearly every item!


The atmosphere is great: clean, rustic, fresh. Loved it! My colleague Katie and I sat down at the bar and she ordered what she declared to be the best iced tea she had ever tasted! Secret: mint.

We both ended up ordering a B.L.A.T. with chicken. Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato on gluten free bread with an herb mayo and roasted chicken.


Seriously. Seriously.

A two-handed DELICIOUS sandwich! I ate every. single. bite. I kid you not. It was a perfectly balanced sandwich, and the gluten free bread was incredible. You would never know it was gluten free!

Served with a side of crispy chips:


I cannot wait to recreate this sandwich at home! Homemade herb mayo?!? Yes please. I want to drink it up!

And I pretty much did. My face was a giant mess the entire time I was eating but who cares! That sandwich was DELICIOUS!!!!

Thank you to everyone who insisted I try Friedman’s. Well played friends!

Happy Thursday!

Are you as ready for Friday as me?!