Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gluten Hates Me and the Big Apple

two days

I am getting SO excited!

In exactly two days I will be landing in NYC for the weekend!! And even though it’s a buying trip for work…WHO CARES! It’s going to be So. Much. Fun!

Even though it’s supposed to snow on Friday…AND this is the weather forecast:

But I don’t care!

New York City aka A Gluten Free Foodie’s Mecca is full of LOTS of yummy options for gluten free folks!

So where do you suggest? Any favorite places?

My hotel is in the Midtown area, right off of Times Square. BUT I’m totally willing to pay an arm and a leg for a taxi if it means an amazing meal.

I mean…it’s all about the food right?!

Happy Thursday!

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Becky said...

So many good places, but I always go to Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market, their GF bread is so good that I actually took my sandwich back to the counter and made them swear it was really GF. Have the sweet potato fries, too. And go to Eataly if you get a chance, it is over the top foodie fun.

Meg S. said...

Bloome's delicatessant is great! And Paparadella is amazing! My favorite GF place in New York just closed! :( Such a bummer! Enjoy! Its the my favorite city :)

Meister said...

I second the emotion to stroll through and munch at Chelsea Market: There's a ton of great GF options throughout, and it's a really fantastic place to people-watch. (You can also grab a snack and a coffee and take them up to the High Line, the elevated converted train-track park that runs along Tenth Avenue.)

My favorite restaurant is called Candle 79, and their GF menu is RIDIC good. They have a more "casual" outpost as well, the Candle Cafe, which also has fantastic options.

If you want more recommendations from a local, feel free to let me know: I LOVE RECOMMENDING THINGS!

Jenn said...

The Risotteria is amazing and well known for gluten free, but there is usually a line/wait. You can walk around while you wait though. Just plan ahead if you go there so you aren't starving.
I like Lilly and Loo for Chinese. They have so many gluten free options.
I heard Friedman's lunch got a new owner a year or so ago so they don't have as many options as they used to? Not sure if that is true? I know they still do gluten free sandwiches, but they used to offer gluten free fried chicken which I don't think they do anymore.

Allie said...

oh man - SO many options in NYC. I always have a list of places to go to when i'm there depending on what part of the city I'm in!

I definitely second Friedmans - i haven't been there in 2 years, but it's great. Risotteria is also great, but like someone else said, there has been a wait every time I've got for dinner, but it's worth it!

Gluten Free Guide's website has a great list here:

Allie said...

oops - not sure why my name didn't show up - that was me that just posted with the link...

Anonymous said...

Bistango (3rd Ave and 29th st.) is a wonderful Italian restaurant with a great variety, they also have Sunday brunch. Not too expensive and a lovely, warm atmosphere.