Friday, January 18, 2013

Check that off the List

Hair Did!

hair cut

I went to a new-to-me salon here in Durham: Funky Monkey. I had met one of their stylists at work, and loved her hair! I’m  so excited to have met Yumi, because she did an amazing job!

I asked her about length, style, etc. And we both decided to keep the length but add in some fun layers. She was also able to texturize my hair and take out a BUNCH of the weight! My pony tail is still long but it’s tiny!!

Also, is there anything better than getting your hair washed and dried by someone else? I love getting a blow out – my hair always looks WAY better than when I style it at home!

I was pretty dumb about eating yesterday though.

My appointment was at 11am. So I ate breakfast around 9 and then went to the gym. I got out of my hair cut at 12:30, and decided to run to Target. By the time I got home around 2pm I was starving!



So I baked up a plate of gluten free Perdue Chicken Tenders, parsnip fries, and green beans.

I swear, I could eat these tenders everyday. Their nutritional content isn’t terrible…but it isn’t great either.

Still, they’re nice to have in a pinch – just like the one I was in yesterday!