Friday, January 25, 2013

A Savory Southern Breakfast

Thank you guys so much for your recommendations for my NYC trip this weekend! Fingers crossed all this winter weather doesn’t cancel my flight!

I am having one of those rare mornings; one of those mornings when you actually have time and energy to relax and enjoy yourself.

I’m pretending that a few piles of laundry don’t exist until after lunch time. I am giving myself absolutely NO responsibilities until 12noon. It’s silly, but telling myself that I don’t have to do or worry about anything for a given amount of time actually works for me!

A highlight of my free morning: writing this blog post and enjoying a very slow, very Southern breakfast.

southern breakfast

2nd cup of coffee, yellow corn grits (Arrowhead Mills gluten free) and a few pieces of baked gluten free chicken tenders (my favorites)

I wish my waistline and timeline allowed me this breakfast every morning! Then again, having it be a rare treat makes it even more delicious.

I’m also doing some important catch up on all my guilty pleasure television: The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars, Bunheads, Greys Anatomy, and Parenthood.

Yeah…I’m across in the board in television that rots your brain. No judging!

And I may or may not be doing mindless online window shopping….

How cute is this sweater and dress from The Limited?!

Okay. Back to my morning! Happy Friday Smile

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