Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Decadent Breakfast in 5 Minutes Flat

Proof that I still addicted to over-easy eggs…

harvard sweets 008

this morning’s breakfast.

A warm slice of Udi’s Whole Grain Gluten Free bread topped with a thin slice of creamy havarti, an over-easy egg, and spicy salsa.

harvard sweets 011

It seems silly, but this was a totally decadent breakfast. I don’t know why – it was incredibly easy to make. But the combination of cheese and salsa with delicious, golden egg on warm toast was intoxicating.

Bacon was missing from the party…but that’s okay. I’ll make it up to bacon another day. I’ll invite two slices.

harvard sweets 009

You know that Portlandia skit: Put a Bird on it?

I want to make one called Put an Egg on It!

Happy Thursday friends!!

I am working on a really exciting post for you tomorrow.

Let’s just say that I know EXACTLY what your loved ones should get you for Valentine’s Day. Or Mother’s/Father’s Day. Or your birthday. Or a Monday morning. It’s perfect and DELICIOUS.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love eggs too! This looks super easy and delicious. I also like an udi's toast slice with egg and avocado!

Just came across your blog and I really am enjoying it! My daughter has celiac so the whole fam is gf and I'm always looking for cooking inspiration.

I blog over at celickiddo on wordpress. Keep an eye out for an egg bowl recipe soon :)

Ellyn said...

ate this for lunch today & you're right. delicious.