Monday, December 17, 2012

UNCW Class of 2012–wait that’s me!

Graduation Day!

graduation 056

UNCW Class of 2012 and it feels so good!

I am so lucky to have had so many amazing people in my life to help me get here…

graduation 129

Dr. Ashe – the BEST professor and advisor ever. period.

graduation 131

My amazing husband who let me leave my job and finish that degree. My amazing husband who kept the kitchen clean, cooked endless late night meals for me on the weekend, and took care of our fur babies when I couldn’t put down the books.

graduation 137

My in-laws. The incredible Mama Emily and Papa Jeff who not only let me live with them for 8 months, but also cooked me meals, listened to my presentations, and quizzed me for tests. Words cannot properly describe how thankful I am for these two – they’re simply the best.

graduation 141

My best friend Alex. Making time during the week for lunches, listening as I complained about how much work I had, and encouraging me to always make time for exercise. Love.

And finally, the folks who started this whole thing…

graduation 139

my parents.

I honestly couldn’t even begin to list all the help they’ve given me over the past 11 years. This blog post would go on forever. My parents have always been willing to help. Open to making sure I have everything I need. From my parents I have learned the importance of hard work, the ability to stay strong during hard times, and the joy you can find when you work towards something you thought was impossible.

The love and respect and thankfulness I feel for my parents is boundless and never ending.

I was practically giddy all day on Saturday. Honestly…I have been practically giddy since I turned in that 20 page analytical research paper. I can’t believe I’m finished. I can’t believe I finally got here.

graduation 182

graduation 181Woo Hoo!


I’ll be back this afternoon with the a NEW tartlet recipe that is even better than the last one I posted!!!

Happy Monday friends!

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Congrats! Love the post, great pics :)