Thursday, December 20, 2012

Product Review: Vigilant Eats–Quick GF Breakfast

Yesterday was a busy BUT fun-filled day!

I had the joy of spending the entire day with my mommy, something that I hope to have the ability to do even more in the future. Even as a grown-up, one-on-one time with my mom is still really special.

We spent the morning putting the last touches on the Christmas décor in their gorgeous old historic home. I love spending Christmas at my parent’s house. There is just something about a big old house that feels extra Christmas-y.

After decorating the two of us worked on all the floors, each with her own vacuum! But in just a few hours we had all the rooms finished, including the upstairs! Beds stripped and made for the incoming family and every surface dusted.

And that was all before lunch!

Luckily I had plenty of fuel to get me through, thanks to Vigilant Eats!

graduation 039

Vigilant Eats takes breakfast on the go to the next level! Their gluten free, vegan oat-based cereal is certified organic and bursting at the seems with superfoods. It is literally the healthiest and quickest breakfast I have ever had the joy of eating. I mean look at these stats:


The fiber and protein alone are amazing! Then add in the antioxidant power of Goji berries and Cacao nibs. BONUS!

Simply add cold water to the fill line on the bowl and scoop it up with the included spoon! Does it get any easier?!

graduation 004

These would be perfect for travel and camping. And those mornings where you need to eat fast! Which…for me…is almost every morning!

Thank You Vigilant Eats for sending me this sample! I am so happy to have discovered this new, quick options for a healthy, delicious breakfast!

Looking for Vigilant Eats near you? Store Locator

After we finished cleaning and refueled with lunch, my Mom and I pumped up the Christmas music and wrapped all her gifts!

I LOVE gift wrapping!!

I know, I know. Most folks don’t, but I love it! Even more fun? Getting to wrap toys! I may be too old to play with Barbies, but I still love to check out the newest styles. So cute and so fun.

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