Friday, December 14, 2012

Make a New Ending

7 months passed.

7 months of 8 am classes over.

12 classes completed.

36 credit hours taken.

Two languages spoken.

semanas y semanas de pruebas

36 assorted novels, 8 memoirs, 9 Shakespearean plays and 4 textbooks read.

47 analytical essays, responses, and research papers written.

5 1/2 active years at UNCW.

11 years since I started this journey.

And tomorrow…well…my friends, tomorrow is my graduation. I couldn’t be more excited.

But more than excited, I am completely humbled.

Over these years, so many friends and family members have supported my college education. Meals, gas money, help with bills, places to stay, shoulders to cry on, encouraging messages, phone calls, facebook posts and yes, blog comments.

Yep. Even you dear readers have helped me get here. You have helped me earn something that I honestly never thought I was worthy of.

And when I walk across that stage tomorrow, I will hold everyone in my heart. All the help. All the love. All the support. I will hold it all in my heart.

Because I know that I have accomplished something great. But I never could have done this alone. Six years ago earning my degree seemed like the last thing I would ever do, but tomorrow I will change that. Tomorrow I will make a new ending to my story. And for that…

Thank you.