Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Gluten Free Christmas in Wilmington

I had no doubt that Christmas in Wilmington would be anything less than amazing. The entire time I lived my in-laws, they were so incredibly supportive of my special eating needs. But my extended family BLEW me away!


My MIL had an entire spread complete with a ‘Gluten Free Zone’ sign. And the above is just half of the offerings!

All the food was catered by Whole Foods in Wilmington. She requested it all gluten free except for a few trays and they were able to deliver! It was simply amazing.

It seems silly, but I felt absolute joy in being able to look at platters and platters of food and know that I could eat off of any of them. It’s the simple things in life my friends.

AND all that joy came before we even cut the cake!! My MIL hit the ball out of the park when she picked up a gluten free cake from a local bakery in Wilmington: Uprising.


If I hadn’t been told that the above cake was gluten free, I would have had NO IDEA! The frosting was creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness. The cake was moist and chocolate-y.


I mean…when is the last time you enjoyed a layer cake!?!

I can’t even remember the last time I ate an actual slice of layer cake. Again…it’s the simple things my friends.

Being around Parrish’s family is always a joy. It sounds like bragging…and honestly maybe I am a little bit. But his family is so warm, loving, and inviting.


It should come as no surprise that such an amazing family raised such an incredible man.


I feel truly blessed. And this time of year it feels all the more special. All the more…Christmas-y. It’s all about the simple things.