Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I’ve Been In Duke Hospital since Thursday…

So….Parrish has been in the hospital since Thursday.

I know what you’re thinking: “What?!?!” Well at least I hope that’s what you’re thinking because it is definitely been what I’ve thought several times a day for the past five.

I left school on Thursday a little early to head home because I myself hadn’t been feeling well. I had a tight feeling in my chest, which often happens when I’m stressed (hello school work) but when I woke up Thursday the feeling was now a burning sensation as well.

I made it to the doctor by 1:30 and by 2:45 I was walking out with my diagnosis of pleurisy and a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. I called Parrish and he asked me to wait to get it filled. He was at the doctor getting fluid drawn out of his knee and he was going to have a prescription as well.

See, since his ACL reconstructive surgery a month ago, his swelling just would not go down. Particularly a pocket above the knee cap. He iced. He elevated. But to no avail. By the beginning of the week last week, it was becoming harder and harder for him to walk and his knee was becoming tighter and tighter. So he pressured his doctor to see him on Thursday (they didn’t want to see him until Nov. 13th) and draw the fluid out.

When he got home Thursday afternoon around 3:30 he said the procedure went well and he showed me how much better he could walk. He said there was some blood and thicker fluid towards the end of the procedure but the doctor said they would send it off for testing just to be sure it wasn’t infected. I grabbed his prescription and headed to Target.

When I got home from Target an hour later he told me that his surgeon had just called and we needed to head over to the Emergency Room at Duke to have an emergency surgery. His knee was infected and they needed to “clean it out” right away.

The waiting room at 3 in the morning…VIP style.


The next few days are a blur of waiting rooms, doctors, more waiting rooms, giant recliners I’ve slept in, and nurses coming in and out. Bad coffee, good coffee, and Chobani yogurt. Parking decks, $6.00 parking fees, and homeless guys asking me for money. Fruit, fruit, and more fruit. PLUS frantic emails sent to my professors explaining the situation.

But the surgeon said his surgery went well. The infection has not spread into his blood, it is just in the bone of the joint. But we still have to be very diligent to keep the infection from spreading and possibly eating away at the joint, his new ACL, or even his knee cap.

Life is unpredictable – that is for sure.

But we are hopeful that Parrish will be released today. He’s going to be on antibiotics for another 6 weeks, so he was given a more permanent IV (PICC line) in his arm to administer the antibiotics at home.

Max and Hazel are definitely crossing their paws that this is the case. They forsee a wealth of treats in the coming week to practice sitting instead of jumping up on their Dad.

And it should be said that the gluten free options at Duke are NONEXISTENT. So this gluten free girl has been living on:

Almonds and Apricots KIND bars are pretty much the best. It’s a little sweet with the yogurt BUT it’s still amazing.

Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter slathered on bananas.

Chobani Pineapple yogurt – my new favorite flavor!

Sweet Potato chips dipped in wilted spinach mixed with plain greek yogurt, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese.

And I have to admit that I kind of love living off snacks. I’ve always been a very snacky person, although I wouldn’t turn down a giant bowl of PF Changs gluten free Singapore Street Noodles either!


Have a great day! We are fingers crossed for discharge today. And fingers and toes crossed that we can learn how to administer IV antibiotics correctly!


Ang said...

I hope Parrish gets to come home and has a speedy recovery! Glad they found the infection before it spread further!

Becky said...

So sorry you guys are going through this--my dad is in week 4 of 6 weeks of IV antibiotics after he got an infection in the bone of his foot. It is scary stuff. And why do hospitals, which should understand gluten-free needs, have NOTHING for us but yogurt and bananas?

Jennifer said...

dannng girl they gave him a picc line- they're not messing around! I feel you on the gluten free scrounging- but you make it look good! Here's to both of your speedy recoveries!

Unknown said...

Just catching up on your blog and I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope you both are doing better :( glad he convinced the dr to see him...