Monday, November 26, 2012


You’re finished with holiday eating aren’t you?

No? Yes.

Maybe you polished off half a gluten free pumpkin pie over the weekend…

or maybe you ate your weight in open-faced gluten free turkey sandwiches…

toasted gluten free bread with smoked turkey and cranberry/scallion cream cheese open faced sandwiches to be exact.

or maybe you’re just finished with holiday eating because one day was enough for you to get glutened. <<<<  I hope that is not the case!!

I mention all of the above partly because I am so STUFFED I can’t stand it, and partly because I wanted to let you know that you won’t be seeing any holiday recipe posts on this blog until December 1st.

That’s right. I’m pulling a Nordstroms and giving myself time to recover from one holiday before I start celebrating another. My tummy needs it.

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Happy Monday!!