Friday, November 2, 2012

It worked - It worked - It worked


Today is a GOOD day.

And not just because I’m home in Durham, reunited with my husband and my fur babies. Not just because I get to work out at my favorite YMCA this morning. And not just because I’m making delicious Thanksgiving treats this weekend.

In addition to all the wonderful things above, I also received some awesome news yesterday!!

Remember earlier in the year (February) when I explained the worse phrase ever…


and how it applies to me? No? No?! You don’t remember every detail of my life I share with you?! I’m shocked! Not. You can read all about that dirty little phrase HERE and how it completely changed my life HERE.

I never felt good about that surcharge.


If it hadn’t been for that entire semester I lost because of the shooting, I would never have been eligible for the surcharge. I would have graduated under the allotted credits…I would have graduated 5 years ago.

Plus it felt like I was being punished for my PTSD. And I couldn’t control how I developed PTSD. I hadn’t done anything wrong. So why was I being punished?

AND why punish students who take longer to graduate?! Umm…they still pay tuition my friends so…who cares how long it takes?! Come on!


SO I went through an appeals process.

I completed an application.

I asked past professors to write letters of support and witness accounts of my PTSD. Which, while all my professors were SO nice and of course wrote me amazing letters, it was pretty embarrassing asking them to recall what I mess I had been and could they please write that down. Like: “Oh hey. Remember that time that kid sneezed really loud and I started crying in class? Yeah…that was awesome…could you write that down?” Not so much.

Worst of all, I had to write a letter detailing my own account of the events. Every gory detail. And not just the gory parts. Also the sad parts. The parts where I had to admit how much my life had been changed. Where I had to admit how hard it was to return to school, even five years later. I had to admit that in a lot of ways I am still a broken person – even today – and that is not something I enjoy talking about.

But it worked! IT WORKED! I do not have to pay a cool $1,000 dollars to graduate in December. I do NOT have to pay the Tuition Surcharge.

high five

It worked and I am on Cloud Nine! Not just because I don’t have to scrape that money together but also because it makes me feel like my school believes in me. My school believes that I tried my hardest and that I returned to school as soon as it was possible – five years later. I didn’t do anything wrong and now I feel like my school believes that too.

And I feel like this helps me get over yet another obstacle placed in my life by that shooting. WOO HOO!

I just might have to stop by Daisy Cakes and get another one of these…

to celebrate!


Happy Friday!

I hope you all have a great weekend – I know I will!!