Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear Baby Miles–Today is Your Birthday

Dear Baby Miles,

Today is your birthday!

I was hoping you could wait until next week so that I could meet you face to face, but you just couldn’t wait!

I know your Mommy and Daddy and Sister are glad you decided to come today. We’ve been asking them to have you for a long time.

day eight 054

You’re going to be a November baby – which is very lucky. We don’t have any other family birthdays in November that I can think of which makes you even more special than you already are.

Your Mommy loves the fall and so your house will always be festive in November. Your Sister’s birthday is in October. So the two of you will have even more fun celebrating so close together.

Speaking of your Sister, you are one lucky little boy.

iphone dump2 101

Your big Sister is going to take good care of you; she’ll definitely show you the ropes at home. She loves to draw and read and sing – So you will always have someone to play with.

Your Mommy is my best friend and sister, and I couldn’t think of a better Mommy for you to have.

day eight 146

She is kind and funny and most importantly patient – she will love you unconditionally.

And so will your Daddy. He is also kind and funny and patient but he’s also very handy.

day six 073

He is going to be the best Dad.

PLUS you are now part of a pretty amazing family. There are lots of us but being a part of a big family is fun!

You have two funny aunts on your Mommy’s side (me and Susan) and an uncle (Bud) and you have an aunt on your Daddy’s side – We all love you so much already. And don’t forget your Uncle Parrish - He will let you get away with anything!

AND your cousins! You have the funnest cousins.

family weekend 144

They are sweet and funny just like their Mommy Susan. They love Ella and play with her when we all get to visit. They already love you too.

And you have grandparents on both sides, great aunts, and great uncles – they will all spoil you.

And me, well I will hold you for hours and hours and kiss the top of your sweet little head. I will count all your fingers and toes and whisper secrets in your ear. I will hide behind my hands and make you laugh. I will tell you all about puppies. I will pretend to take your nose. I will do anything you need or want me to do – I am your aunt. It’s what I was born to do!

I am so glad you are here Baby Miles and I can’t wait to meet you and tell you the story of how I wished for you every night. And prayed for you to grow healthy and strong.

I love you-

Aunt Sissie