Friday, October 19, 2012

Those Hills Make My Booty Say WHAT?!

Happy Friday!!

Did you have a long week? I know we all know that I did. But the nice thing about my drive home to Durham on Thursdays is that it gives me lots of alone time to decompress and just let go of the school stress. Especially yesterday because I was able to listen to two Radio Lab podcasts – love that show!

Parrish and I were both up pretty early this morning (note the bed head). Parrish had his first real PT appointment at Duke Sports Medicine:


Everything went great. He did receive some disappointing news about driving, but we’re trying to work through that.

While Parrish worked his knee out, I ran across the street to the Washington Duke – Al Buehler Trail!

I have such a love/hate relationship with this trail. I LOVE the trail because it’s beautiful and the path is sand instead of asphalt. I HATE this trail because it has KILLER hills. Check out this elevation from my Garmin Forerunner 10:

wa duke

Ugh. The green shows the elevation. I mean, I guess the hills are good for my glutes…and I do feel pretty amazing now that I got my heart beating and my legs pumpin’. Still. Those hills are KILLER.

Good thing the views take my mind off it – at least a little.

It was pretty convenient to just get this run out of the way while Parrish had his PT, instead of taking him back home and then driving back up the Y for an Arc Trainer session.

AND the leaves are turning here in NC. I love living in an area that really “has an autumn”. All those years in Wilmington and I never once felt like I experienced fall.

Now Parrish and I are back at home. He’s icing and elevating his knee and I’m procrastinating vacuuming the house. P is trying to talk me in to going to see Paranormal Activity 4 – but I’m on the fence. I hate scary movies!!

Happy Weekend!!