Friday, October 12, 2012

Red Robin Update and DIY PUMPKINS


I received an answer from Red Robin about the gluten free buns! There are two brands being used – Udi’s and Rich’s.

Having never heard of Rich’s, I googled it and it seems to be a wholesale restaurant supply company. This must be the bun I enjoyed in Charlotte and I’m crossing my fingers that my Durham location has that bun. (Otherwise…it may be worth a two hour drive!)

The Red Robin rep said that you can ask each location what brand they are serving. If anyone else tries a Rich’s brand let me know!


This is going to sound crazy…but I’m not a huge fan of carving pumpkins. I love pumpkins. I love the seeds. But cleaning them out is messy, sticky…and carving them is hard!

So when I planned a craft this past weekend to do with my family, I asked my Mom what she thought about painting the pumpkins. My two sweet nieces are pretty young and I thought that this way, we could spare their tiny hands the sharp objects, and if they weren’t carved then hopefully our pumpkins would last longer. My Mom agreed – Pumpkin Painting it was!

ella is 4 021

My Mom brought an assortment of supplies – the pumpkins, acrylic paint, markers, fun stickers, brushes and a spray paint can of sealant, and Bestie supplied the glitter.

ella is 4 038

My niece Chloe proved herself to be quite an artist! She did an amazing job transforming her pumpkin in to a person!

My Mom’s pumpkin was also a favorite

ella is 4 025

ella is 4 064

Lil’ Gluten Loves Me loved it so much she requested it stay with her! Speaking of Lil’ Gluten Loves Me, she loved painting pumpkins!

ella is 4 061

She worked very hard on a pretty rainbow motif and was pretty excited to add her glitter.

My sister Susan is probably the craftiest person in the family, so it was no surprise when hers came out looking like Martha Stewart herself had painted it! She used a simple black paint with black glitter – very spidery!

I painted a striped pumpkin with glitter for myself and a polka dot pumpkin for bestie.

All around, we all loved painting pumpkins! It sounds pretty corny, but it really was a perfect Fall day. It was so much fun to have a girls day with my Mom, sisters, and nieces.



Happy Friday!!

Parrish and I have had quite a week! He is resting and recuperating but I think we’re both a little tired of waking up every 3 1/2 hours during the night to issue pain pills! We joked that we’re getting a taste of what it must be like for parents – but only a taste because all Parrish has to do is take his pill while I change his ice pack. Then we both get to go back to sleep for 3 1/2 hours. Babies aren’t quite that easy or so we’ve heard!