Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Red Robin Gluten Free

One of the hardest aspects of being gluten free, in my opinion, is eating out while travelling.

In my own town, I have come to know which restaurants I can trust and…which ones I can’t. But when I travel it becomes a little riskier. It’s hard not to feel like a burden to my family when they offer up ideas, even though I know they wouldn’t want me to feel that way.

This past weekend I was running errands with bestie and we were both hit by hunger pretty quickly. It was lunch time and every idea my sister threw out there either wasn’t possible or wasn’t appetizing. We had finally agreed to try a restaurant that was new to us both when I spotted it.

Red Robin!

I’ve actually never been to a Red Robin…or maybe I have once….I can’t remember. Either way, I haven’t been there since being gluten free but I knew I had seen Pam from I’m a Celiac eat there before – so we went for it!


The picture above is the MOST delicious cheeseburger…EVER! That bun was SO fluffy and buttery. You guys – it was FLUFFY! Fluffy and amazing.

It’s so fluffy…

I wanna die!!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist Smile

Back to the burger!

I ordered the double down Tavern Burger which had two super thin patties, creamy cheese, lettuce, tomato, and tavern sauce. All that deliciousness was sandwiched between that amazing gluten free bun.

So good. AND in all seriousness, I can’t stop thinking about that burger. I emailed Red Robin and they said that all their locations now offer gluten free buns.

I’ve seen on a few other blogs that the buns are Udi’s but I’m skeptical. I love the Udi’s bun but this did not taste like an Udi’s. There is another blog that says her location uses a gluten free bun from French Meadow. I have an email out to Red Robin to confirm if each location uses different brands, and I’ll update this post with their answer.


I received an answer from Red Robin about the gluten free buns! There are two brands being used – Udi’s and Rich’s.

Having never heard of Rich’s, I googled it and it seems to be a wholesale restaurant supply company. This must be the bun I enjoyed in Charlotte and I’m crossing my fingers that my Durham location has that bun. (Otherwise…it may be worth a two hour drive!)

The Red Robin rep said that you can ask each location what brand they are serving. If anyone else tries a Rich’s brand let me know!

If you’re going to order fries, be sure they have a dedicated fryer. Not all locations do. Also nix the seasoning. While the ingredients are gluten free, it’s not made in a gluten free facility.

Edited to Add: Nikki mentioned in the comments that you should ask for an unopened ketchup. Here’s her comment:

Here's a tip from a Red Robin server: ask for an unopened ketchup when u go there. The ones on the table are cross contaminated from people and kids rubbing them on their buns. They have no problem doing that, she said!

You can view the FULL Red Robin Gluten Free menu HERE.

What about you? Have you been to Red Robin and tried their gluten free menu?

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Unknown said...

I went to the Red Robin in Long Island they put allergy alert on my meal ticket they're very accommodating. unfotunately, couldn't confirm if the gluten free bun how corn or not so I got my burger in a lettuce wrap