Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make This Soup–The BEST Potato Soup ever

Remember when I told you guys to never EVER never take a Spanish class during summer school? (And I took two…)

Well, now I’m going to give you college readers another piece of advice: NEVER ever NEVER take 6 literature courses at once.

I know what you’re thinking. Marlow, duh. I would never do that. Well…maybe you would if you’re trying to graduate on time so that you can stop commuting during the week and just at home with your hubby full time. Wait. You’re not doing that? That’s just me. Well, I must be crazy then.

I would really love to list off everything I’ve done this week so that I can 1) brag about all I accomplished and 2) you could feel sorry for me and pity me and maybe 3) you would offer to finish my school work for me

but instead of listing it all off and possibly finding ourselves in a moral grey area of cheating, I’m going to say...

Make this:

soupa! 005

aptly named: The Best Potato Soup ever

It’s the third most read blog post on this little blog and there is a reason for it. Love baked potatoes? Yes. Of course you do. If you don’t…have you ever tried a baked potato?! They’re delicious.

So yeah, this soup:

soupa! 015

is a baked potato in a bowl. SO you don’t have to feel guilty when you eat a few bowls worth. It’s soup for goodness sakes and we all know that soup barely has any calories.

AND you make it in a crock pot. How about that for effortless. I’m going to suggest you top it the way I have above – you could even add (you guessed it) a dollop of greek yogurt. Mmmmmm

And when you lick the bowl think about me slaving away on another literary analysis or critical theory paper, hunched over my computer, probably not even with matching socks on. But that will all be okay because this weekend, I will have THIS soup!

Best (damn) Potato Soup Ever – recipe