Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling Cozy–Gluten Free Lunch and Supper

Good morning friends!!

I’m writing this blog post in between two papers, I figured looking and thinking about food for a little while might be a nice break for my brain!

Yesterday was quite a DREARY day here in Wilmington. It had everything: rain, dark clouds, and wind to boot. After my first three classes, I was very tempted to blow off my afternoon class and get in to bed! But I reminded myself that the only reason I’m in Wilmington is to go to school – not sleep. So I opted for a cozy lunch on campus instead:

A toasted Schar gluten free bread sandiwch with turkey, cheese, spinach, and red onion and the star of the show: a cup of pumpkin coconut bisque!!

Seriously, I need to find a recipe for pumpkin soup. It was so flavorful! And rich! And creamy! And gluten free!! I could have eaten a giant bowl.

And big ups to UNCW for offering Schar bread. Somedays I just really want a sandwich!

After my afternoon class, I headed to my MIL’s for the night and started working on my papers. I had no idea how intense 5 this week would be, but luckily I’m over the hump. I’ve already turned in 2, I have 2 more due today, and the last one due on Thursday.

And of course my amazing MIL prepared an equally cozy and delicious supper, which I enjoyed in front of my computer. I’m so dang lucky that she and Jeff take care of me! Otherwise I wouldn’t have eaten this:

etouffe 001

delicious bowl of Chicken and Sausage Etouffee from Food and Wine Magazine.

Emily used the recipe found here and to make it gluten free friendly, she used Bob’s Red Mill GF All Purpose Flour in lieu of whole wheat and used a GF Chicken Sausage. Also, double check your chicken broth!

etouffe 002

I LOVED this dish! It was warm and flavorful without being too heavy. Super filling but in a nice way; in a ‘I just ate a lovely meal of balanced protein-carbs-fiber’ way.

I will definitely be making this again!


Happy Wednesday!!

Next week is my Fall Break and that is the only motivator to get me through this week! My wrists are definitely feeling the pain of all the writing and typing, but the break will be a good rest.