Friday, October 26, 2012

FAIL but I Ate It Anyway

Happy Friday!!

I spent the morning working on a new recipe. I’m attempting some sort of Caramelized Apple Coffee Cake – but it’s not quite there yet. I say “some sort” because I have no recipe I’m following and no previous experience making coffee cakes…

apples 003

but I really want one!

The edges turned out perfectly. But the texture of the center was a bit par cooked and dry. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m thinking it means add more butter?

apples 015

Luckily the rejects were still pretty tasty. More like an under cooked pancake – so I drizzled some syrup and ate it up!

Parrish and I are heading to his PT appointment in a bit, he has a TWO hour session today!! So I’m going to get plenty of trail time.

And tomorrow I’ll be running the Color Med Rad 5K!

Our team name is either: Your Pace or Mine? or My Pace or Yours? I can never remember; MOH has to correct me every time!

Our mission: to have a blast!

We’re a pretty large team with a big range of running experience, so I don’t think we’ll be winning or anything like that. BUT we will have a ton of fun together and take loads of pictures getting completely filthy with pretty colors.

And honestly, that sounds way better than winning anyway! Hopefully Hurricane Sandy stays out of the way until later in the day.


I hope you guys have a great weekend! Anyone else with any Color Me Rad or Color Run experience?