Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, I was possibly the most nervous-happy-stressed-excited I’ve ever been in my life. Two years ago today, was the day before my wedding!

Amidst, the piles of decorations…

friday 070

and boxes of gluten free beer….

friday 071

I still found time to make a healthy breakfast:

breakfast! 007

Creamy Oats Topped with Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Vanilla Cashews

Two years later and I would still go back to that day! Even though I was pretty stressed and had so much to do, it was so much fun!!

I especially wish I could go back to have oatmeal every morning! For the past few months I’ve had to wake up so early for school, that I don’t have my full appetite by the time I have to eat breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a real treat to have cereal in the morning. BUT oatmeal keeps you full so much longer! Maybe I can adjust my schedule  a bit to have more time…or maybe I’ll just have to save the oatmeal for the weekends!

I mean – LOOK at this bowl:

nachos 007

Creamy Oats with Caramelized Butter Peaches and Walnuts!!! Seriously?! So good.

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Happy Monday!! I’m heading back to Wilmington this morning for the week Sad smile I’m pretty bummed about not getting to spend our wedding anniversary together tomorrow, but I’m trying to shake it off!

Shake it off!