Friday, September 7, 2012

Quinoa with Lime Marinated Tofu and Veggies

Oh man, I am SO GLAD it’s Friday!!!

I actually hate writing that on the blog, because for so long (8 years) I was a weekend warrior at work. So I don’t want to be insensitive to you friends that are working this weekend. HOWEVER, I feel like I have spent the week in the spin cycle – I’m ready for a break!!

And here’s a tip: NEVER take SIX Literature courses in college….at the same time! Unless you have to. In which case, I’m sorry and I feel you.

SO in between reading and writing this past week, I’ve tried to have more nutritious suppers than just Annie’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese.

Like this quinoa beauty:

I started with a base of cooked quinoa. (Seriously, could quinoa be any easier to cook?! <3 <3 love it!)

Then I added in sautéed veggies of carrots and peppers (matchstick cut) and chopped broccolini. I had sautéed these veggies in one tbsp. of olive oil with salt and pepper until tender.

Then I added in pre-prepared Lime Cilantro Marinated Tofu (from Whole Foods) that I cut into bite size pieces.

Looks like chicken, tastes like….crispy tofu. Smile

To finish it off I added in a low fat mozzarella string cheese that I chopped into bits. I find that in any rice dish, it’s ALWAYS a good thing when you find a little pocket of melted cheese ! And I topped it off with a dollop of fat free Greek yogurt. I find that anytime I’m eating a quinoa bowl or a rice bowl, I want some yogurt on top for creaminess.

The quinoa bowl was my supper and lunch this past week. Last night, we went to K38 here in Wilmington, and I ordered quite possibly the BIGGEST salad I have ever seen.

The grilled chicken on this salad was so good. It was marinated in lime and cilantro (can you tell I’m on a lime and cilantro kick?!) and it was grilled perfectly. Also, don’t forget that dollop of guacamole on top. It’s important.


So I think that as much as I’ve resisted making a “menu” while I’m in Wilmington during the week, I am going to have to spend some time this weekend identifying easy, HEALTHY meals to throw together quickly. So maybe if I have some prepared quinoa in the fridge on Sundays and some veggies then I can do better than just mac and cheese.


Parrish actually came to Wilmington this weekend and we’re having an estate sale out at his Dad’s house. I think it goes without saying that we have a lot of prep to do today!! I’ll be a pricing queen by the end of this!