Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gluten Free Tip: Quick Gluten Free Meals

Thank you guys for all the sweetness about my anniversary with Parrish! And thanks for letting me monopolize the blog this morning with a post that wasn’t about food at all!

Now. Back to the food.

Something that I’ve learned from being back in school, is that I don’t always have time to cook. This concept is bothersome, because even during my craziest times during the holiday season in retail, I still found time to throw some things together.

But now that I’m back in school with a FULL LOAD of classes, I’m trying more shortcuts that I wouldn’t have taken in the past. Last night’s supper is the perfect example.

rissotto 002

Much like the White Bean and Kale Risotto recipe, I started with a box of Lundberg Risotto.

For last night’s meal, I used the Mushroom Risotto. I cooked according to the directions and then about five minutes before it was finished (meaning that the liquid was almost completely soaked up) I added in pre-cooked Balsamic Brussels and Onions – about 1 cup total and chopped pre-grilled chicken breast – about half a breast.

rissotto 003 

By adding in the brussels and chicken, I not only helped the nutrition content by balancing the carbs of the risotto with the protein from the chicken and adding vitamins with the sprouts, but I also helped this meal go a long way. Instead of two portions, I now had three-four easily!

Also, adding in the pre-cooked portions just before the risotto finished, helped the flavors meld.

In meal planning, I’ve started looking for pre-cooked additions that I can prepare on Sundays or I can buy somewhere like Whole Foods. This way, I stay healthier during the week, even when I don’t have time to cook an entire meal.

I’m hoping that this discovery will also help me when I’m a mom one day Smile


Hope you have a great rest of your Tuesday!! It’s been crazy storms here all day today but I’m still hoping to make it to yoga tonight!