Monday, September 24, 2012

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cider and Tapas

This past weekend I was able to spend some quality time with my babies. My fur babies.

Miss Hazel Basil

tapas 008

and Prince Max

tapas 003

Parrish was out of town on a Bachelor’s Weekend and so me and the pups spent a relaxing weekend at home. There was lots of fetch, tug, and peanut butter kongs to break up the time.

So by last night, we all pretty ready for Parrish to come home and celebrate a night together before I head back to school today.

With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I moved the celebration outside:

Tapas Night!

Parrish and I both LOVE tapas. Meat. Cheese. Olives. What’s not to love?!

tapas 012

Various Applegate Farms Meats: pepperoni, salami, and prosciutto

tapas 010

With assorted olives and spreads, including red pepper jelly!

tapas 011

CHEESE: Robusto and Triple Cream Brie. Enough said.

And to top it all off,

tapas 016

Against the Grain Gourmet Gluten Free Baguette – YUM.

tapas 019

Parrish enjoyed wine and I enjoyed a new-to-me Pumpkin Cider:

tapas 022

Verdict: Good. If you love cider, then you’re going to love this Autumn inspired brew. The pumpkin isn’t too heavy and it has undertones of clove which was nice.

Would I buy it again? No. In all honesty friends, I’m just not a cider person. I don’t like the sweetness. I can never drink more than one (which may not be a bad thing) and it leaves that sugar coating in my mouth.


Happy Monday! I’m heading back to Wilmington for the week. Hello I-40. Smile