Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Letter to My Husband–Reflections on 2 Years

Being married to your best friend is a good idea.

jess' wedding 014

Scratch that. It’s THE BEST idea.

I am so thankful to be married to someone that I not only trust my heart with, but who I can also talk to about anything. I can be my TRUE self with you. Not just bits and pieces that I share with others.

iphone dump 8292012 203

And you are your true self with me. Funny. Caring. Fur Daddy. Sleep Talker. Rapper. And so much more.

I wish I could say that the past two years have been wedded bliss, but unfortunately God had different plans for our life. Thankfully, the solid foundation of our marriage has helped us weather the storms. I couldn’t have made it through these tough times without you.

[KanJam Wedding[7].jpg]

Because we make a good team. And with you around, nothing seems as bad. Yes, this year has been hard BUT these two years with you have been amazing.

You are the best. The first. The last. And you have my heart – always.



I’ll be back this afternoon with an easy 20 minutes Gluten Free Supper! Until then, Happy Tuesday and Happy Anniversary Parrish!