Monday, July 9, 2012

Zen Cat Bakery–Gluten Free and Vegan Treats

Happy Monday! Are you having a back to work after holiday hang over? I was one of those unlucky folks who had to be back at it on Wednesday of last week, but I spent this past weekend FULLY making up for my short holiday.

A few weeks ago I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of trying some gluten free goodies from a local North Carolina bakery: Zen Cat Bakery.

donuts 026

Zen Cat is located in Greensboro, NC – with offerings spreading throughout the triangle. Find more locations here.

donuts 027

Zen Cat Bakery is a COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE bakery! Even better, it’s ALL VEGAN too! I love that these baked treats are safe for all sorts of restricted diets!

Recently opened in a new location, the ENTIRE kitchen is gluten free. How’s that for safe?!


Owner Angie Kenny began Zen Cat Bakery because she wasn’t satisfied with the options on the shelf.


She wanted gluten free baked goods that tasted the way other baked goods taste: fresh and delicious, not like cardboard! (imagine that!) Seriously, how cute is she! ^^

And unlike other gluten free bakeries, Angie has a HUGE variety! My box was OVERFLOWING with goodies:

donuts 030

donuts 044

Honestly, everything she packed for me was delicious. Baked with love and bursting with flavor. Melt in your mouth moistness – oh yeah, I was in heaven. Every bite was flavorful not starchy!

My favorites:

donuts 033

Lemon-Crème Spice Cookies

donuts 068

Delicately sweet and tangy, these cookies were a powerhouse of flavor. And they’re the perfect two-bite serving!

donuts 042

Lavender Lemon Cookie

donuts 048

Just try not to eat the entire cookie in one sitting! Moist with a real depth of flavor, I loved the combo of lavender and lemon.

donuts 046

donuts 036

This is not your grandma’s cookie! Crunchy and buttery with a warm brown sugar caramel, this was my absolute FAVORITE cookie!!

Crazy about chocolate? Her brownies are to die for! And I loved the Espresso Biscuit.

Not big on sweet? Rejoice! Angie has savory offerings as well! Her bread program is back up and running, and she does pizza crusts, pie crusts, rolls, loaf breads, stuffed pods (veggie turnover) and more!

You can view her full menu here.

Sad you don’t like in North Carolina? Well you should be! BUT luckily for you, Angie sells online through her Etsy page here.

I can’t wait to order more of the Oatmeal Raisin cookies for a party in August! I bet folks won’t even know they’re gluten free Smile


Happy Monday! I have a presentation in my Spanish class today on traditional foods in Argentina! Should be fun; here’s hoping my Spanish pronunciation es bueno!