Friday, July 6, 2012

A Real Dog Day

Yesterday was one of those days.

One of those days where you get to school at 6:45 am to study for your Spanish test at 10am only to get to the comprehension essay and realize you still only understand about half of the essay. Para mí, el español no es fácil.

One of those days where your professor calls you by the wrong name, embarrasses you in front of the class, and then counts 5 points off of your speech for not being formatted properly. Then proceeds to use your speech as an example of a great speech in class…even though he gave you a B on it. (infuriating)

Luckily I was able to point out the fact that he had counted off for the formatting even though it was correct, but at that point I was already furious from his embarrassment.

Are you one of those people who cries when they’re angry? Good lord I wish I wasn’t. Talk about looking like a fool, try fighting back hot tears when you’re filling up your gas tank. Thankfully I had a two hour drive to calm down and I’ll have the week to cool off before I meet with the professor on Monday.

And thankfully I have Max.

You know what Max does when I’m upset? He begs for pets and tells me to get over it. He’s not one to sugar coat things.

And Hazel…

she doesn’t know what “being sad or mad” is. She only understands play time, meal time, and nap time. In that order please.

Today is a new day. And I have another speech next week and another test too.

TGIF for sure this week.

I’m going to hit the gym, then the pool, then the couch.

In that order please Smile


Janelle said...

Oh I am so the crier when I'm mad. It's awful!!! Especially when dealing with confrontation. I hate it. Sorry you had a rough week. I have one like that about once a quarter. Refuel this weekend and keep being amazing :)

GFGidget said...

:( I am a mad crier, too. I'm sorry you had such a cruddy day. I hope your weekend makes it all better!

Anonymous said...

OK - Tell us this guy's name. Jeff and I are going after him.

Unknown said...

I am a victim of the angry/frustrated/embarrassed crying...hate it! One of the tricks I learned before my wedding - press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It basically seals off your tear ducts. Doesn't take away the crappy feelings unfortunately but it really works!

Natalie H-J said...

I *always* cry when im angry, so embarrassing! You're def not alone!