Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fake It Till You Make It–The Pepto Edition

What happened?

Isn’t that the worst part of getting sick? Not knowing where it came from or what it really was?

For years and years before my Celiac diagnosis I felt sick after eating ALL THE TIME. Bloated and lethargic…I blamed it on cheese. Silly me giving my beloved cheese a bad name! Gluten hates me; Cheese loves me…and my hips.

This past Saturday I had a fun slumber party with MOH planned. But as I cut celery and carrots for our appetizer around 5:30, I noticed my entire body was sore. It felt like I had worked out every muscle to fatigue.

After enjoying our snacks, we sat down to watch a movie. Halfway in to the movie I started feeling super nauseous. My sore body only exasperated the feeling and by 10:30 I was cutting our slumber party short and going to bed.

Through the night I woke up often and continued to feel like I was going to throw up.

Thank goodness for MOH! Alex set me on the path to recovery Sunday morning by giving me ibuprofen, pepto, and a REAL ginger ale. I don’t love taking Pepto because I feel like it really just masks the issue you’re having. But when I think it could have been gluten then I’m takin’ it baby! So with my mask on, I continued to sleep off and on and feel miserable.

Then my amazing mama-in-law swooped in with the nausea control and I was able to actually not feel like vomiting for the first time in 18 hours.

As the afternoon progressed on Sunday I felt better and better. And when I woke up yesterday morning I felt 75%. I went to school today but continued to only drink the Ginger Brew and ate a few stale tortilla chips. Monday afternoon I ate some plain mac and cheese and started to feel a bit nauseous again but I held it all down.

So what happened? Food poisoning is out because Alex ate everything I ate. Possibly gluten? Possibly stomach virus? Who knows.

Even this morning I still have NO appetite?! Even an Isn’t She Lovely Waffle doesn’t sound good! And…

 new breakfast 012

that always sounds good! And coffee? Forget about it.

I also still feel fatigued and not quite myself. Like I’ve lost my focus…and with only two weeks left in school that is not good!

So today my mantra is fake it till you make it. Fingers crossed I make it to the end of the day!


What about you? Did your Celiac symptoms fool you?