Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trending Today: You Guys, My Age, and Cashews

You guys give the BEST advice! Seriously, if you’re going through issues with caffeine, there are some GREAT tips in the comments to yesterday’s post.

Already yesterday, I was feeling tons better! I did have one cup first thing, but then I drank a TON of water and skipped the next three “usual” times for caffeine. I did have an unsweet tea with my late lunch, but I didn’t feel overly tired.

This is going to sound silly, but I also made sure to move around a bit in my seat during classes. I sat with legs crossed or even started swinging my legs to wake myself up a bit. I think this really helped!

Since it’s summer school, the classes are 2 hours and 20 minutes long! So I’m spending 7 hours a day in a seat! Big change for me. I’ve thought about asking if I can “perch” in the back, but I don’t think my professors would go for that!

So water was on trend for me yesterday. NOT on trend:

other students in my Spanish class asking me how old I am!

Yes, I am the oldest person in the class. No I don’t want to hear “I don’t look that old.”


And yes, I know they’re not trying to be rude and honestly neither am I. Maybe I am a little sensitive about being an “older” college student working towards a bachelor’s degree. Maybe it bothers me because I feel like this every afternoon:

Who knows.

All I do know is:

1. You don’t ask lady if she’s pregnant. (This didn’t happen I just think it’s a good general rule)

2. You don’t ask a lady if she’s “tired”. (Yes, she probably is but she doesn’t want to know that she looks tired; You look tired – Read: You look like shit)

3. You don’t ask a lady her age. (Rude)

4. If you buy cashews, you have to portion them out. You can NOT eat straight from the bag.

nuts 007

You think I’m joking?! Nope. I’m warning you. Don’t buy these DELICIOUS cashews and then think that you can stop yourself from eating too many out of the bag. You have to understand that these cashews are GLAZED (one of my favorite words) with pomegranate and vanilla!

nuts 018

Sure, it looks innocent enough. But don’t trust it! Too good to eat just one…or four…or ten.


Anonymous said...

I teach college and I'd totally let you perch in the back :)

iampalegreen said...

So nuts are my favvv!!!

Glad to hear your feeling better!

Margaret said...

I am in total agreement with all of these points! :)