Friday, June 8, 2012

This Week in Review–Hello June

What. A. Week.

Three Literary Criticism Papers,

Four Quizzes

and one exam.

Phew. Hard to believe that next week is my last full week of summer school session 1. I don’t like to think about things like that. Mainly because I have two research papers and a cumulative final exam at the very end! Thinking about that makes my hands sweat.

So what else happened this week that doesn’t involve school?

I finally found that quintessential gluten free product:


I’m not going to lie. They were delicious. But not in the same way that a great bowl of oatmeal is delicious. More like MAN! these take me back to my childhood, when we would go to the beach and get those little boxes of cereal. Wars could have been started over that tiny little box of Lucky Charms.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. But they’re fun.

I discovered the tumblr feed: Texts from Dog If you have a dog then you are doing to think it’s hilarious. My current favorite:


Also this past week, I’m making an effort to give up coffee in the morning.

and switch to unsweet tea.

I know what you’re thinking, Marlow! You’re Southern and you don’t drink sweet tea? Nope. I made the switch last year. Does sweet tea taste better than unsweet? Heck yeah it does, but unsweet is good too! I actually crave it. #saveyourcaloriesforfrenchfries

Also this past week I made Easy Oven Risotto for my in-laws; it was a hit! And a family friend made it for a gluten free family of eight and they loved it! Seriously, if you haven’t tried that recipe yet, get on it!

And my MIL made potato crust pizza topped with these babies:

week in review 001

Mmmm meatballs. And yep, these babies are gluten free!

week in review 007

I love the al fresco products and these little meatballs did not disappoint!


I have three papers to write over this weekend and I HAVE to get started on those research papers!!!

But who cares…

I’m home with my hubby and puppies! Nothing can get me down Smile