Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pupusas! What’d you call me?

Now, back to those pupusas!

pupusas text

A pupusa is a Latin American dish that is essentially a fresh corn tortilla that is typically lightly fried and stuffed with yummy goodness.

For my first attempt at making pupusas, I decided to keep it simple and just stuff the tortillas with skim mozzarella cheese.

For the base of the dish, I used Maseca brand corn flour. I found it pretty easily in the Mexican/Tex-Mex/Latin American section of my local Harris Teeter.

To make your dough, you add equal parts corn flour and warm water. I used 2 cups flour and 2 cups warm water. I kneaded the dough until it was well combined and found that it needed about 1/4 cup more water. You want to be able to pat out the dough and have it not crack on the edges.

I formed two 2 inch dough balls and patted each one out around 3-4 inches. Laying one-two tbsp. of mozzarella in the center of one, I then used the other round to cover it and pinched the edges to seal. Once sealed, I patted it out just a bit more to make it evenly flat.

Fry in just a pinky nail worth of oil on medium high heat.

pupusas 017

Crispy! Doughy! And most importantly…

pupusas 028


I topped mine with 0% fat greek yogurt and a mish mosh of salsas we had in the kitchen.

After this next summer session, I’ll do a video for these babies. I know it can sound a little intimidating to “make a dough” but I promise it’s not as bad as it may seem. Remember, I’m a lazy baker, so any dough I make isn’t going to be hard!


My break is off to a great start, with a flurry of home, health, and mental errands! I’m hoping to have a more relaxing day on Friday and maybe play hooky from house chores.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds and looks like a donut.

Dana said...

That looks SO good!!!

Unknown said...

I am so making these! They look amazing...I actually have a bag of that masa in my pantry, I tried to make my own corn tortillas with mixed results, hard to get them thin enough. This looks a lot easier and more delicious! Thanks