Monday, June 11, 2012

Celiac Disease Makes Me Stronger

Once again, what a great weekend!

Yes…I did spend the majority writing three critical essays and studying for Spanish BUT I did it all while looking at my handsome hubby and cute baby puppies.

Honestly, coming back to Wilmington yesterday was the hardest it has been.

photo (11)

I literally stood in my bedroom in front of my suitcase and tried to convince myself to stay the night at home and leave Durham at 5:00 in the morning to make it to class on time.

Yeah….not the brightest idea.

But you want to know something kind of crazy?

The thing that I am learning most while down here in summer school is what I’m actually made of.

Marlow circa 2004 would have quit already. She wasn’t a very strong person and she really didn’t deal well with change. She was impulsive, and while she had a lot of fun, she didn’t really earn that degree if you know what I mean.


But thanks to my support system, amazing hubby, and Celiac Disease, I’m hanging in there.

Yes. Celiac Disease is helping me be a stronger person.

Don’t you feel that way too? How many times have you had to pull yourself up from the boot straps and say, “Self. You just can’t eat that. No use in crying about it. Let’s move on.”

I know I’ve had to say that to myself once or twice a billion times.

Because gluten free people are strong. Sure we may feel sorry for ourselves sometimes. We may cry invisible tears for stuffed crust pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and honey nut cheerios.

It happens.

But we are STRONG. We believe in ourselves. And we support each other.

So here we go. My last full week of Summer Session 1. Suck it up Marlow; you can do this.