Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

So…I’ve only actually had ONE full day of school, but I’ve already read one entire book and written a paper on it, read two Shakespearian plays, and gotten up to page 100 in my Spanish book.


I had heard summer school was fast but man alive. This is like school on steroids with a jet pack slapped on.

Luckily my in laws have been life savers. Feeding me and letting me stay in their super nice, SUPER quiet house. Keeping me company when I need it and letting me study non-stop. I had a great weekend of getting things done. Just imagine me right here:

wraps 014

Reading, writing, and habla espanol-ing. Could be worse Winking smile

My weekend meals consisted of things I can eat and read at the same time.

Wrap Numero Uno: Rudi’s GF Fiesta Tortilla with pimento cheese and spinach

wraps 001

YUM. So good! Know what would have made it even better? Bacon. (what else!)

Wrap Numero Dos:

wraps 018

Rudi’s GF Fiesta Tortilla Wrap stuffed with leftover grilled chicken and a schmear of hummus, string cheese, and spinach. Super fancy y’all.

Paired with carrot chips for the win!

wraps 026

For the sake of transparency: Carrot chips are not potato chips. I want to go on record that YES I would have rather had potato chips. Potato chips are deliciously tasty. But they make me feel sluggish and I ALWAYS over eat them. Plus the fat and calories…not to mention greasy fingers are not great for reading.

So carrot chips it was.

And since my lunch was pretty healthy, I rounded out the nutrients with some good ol’ Vitamin D.

wraps 033

Study picnic!

So obviously I’m eating well. And I would say that right now I feel good about school. I mean it’s taking a ton of work but I don’t feel overwhelmed. I am however feeling incredibly…sad. And lonely.

We all knew this was going to happen right?

My best friend (the husband) is two hours away! And while I do have MOH, Amy-lou, Kreesta, and other great friends here in town, I honestly have too much work to spend much time away from the books. Plus they all have their own respective grown up lives with boyfriends, pregnancies, kids, and husbands.

I also just miss my house. Silly no? I miss my morning routine. I miss my puppy roos. I just miss regular ol’ me.

But onward and upward.

Hoy es lunes y es un nuevo día. Meaning, today is Monday and it us a new day! I’ll be in class from 8am to 3:30 all week and then it’s a long weekend which equals a trip home!

I can do this. I can do this. Puedo hacer esto.