Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tank Top Binges and Other Confessions


Confession: I did in fact only eat popcorn for supper last night (shout out to my Facebook friends) but somehow the kitchen still looks like this:

confessions 010

Confession: In doing laundry this morning I realized that not only do I have more than a few Long and Lean Target tanks…

confessions 004

but I also have two white.

Confession: No matter what I do…I can’t seem to keep this Peace Lily alive.

confessions 011

And yes, it’s had water this week! I’m going to try to re-pot it this weekend. Fingers crossed that works!

Confession: These gluten free cookies sent to me by Butterfly Bakery are absolutely delicious.

salad 005

I may or may not have eaten a couple every night this week for dessert with a glass of milk!

ALSO please note that I have long and lean tank tops that match their logo!! Nerd Alert.

Confession: Max and Hazel have been spotted sleeping closer and closer to each other lately. I think they may start snuggling! Although…

Max seems to be getting the short end of stick on this arrangement.

Confession: Parrish loved the dressing from supper this week so much that he has asked me to show him how to make it!

salad 044

Vinaigrette for the win!

Did you miss the last round of Confessions? Hidden Valley Ranch is Gluten Free


Happy Thursday!

I’m taking my Anthropology final this morning and then I am FINISHED with school…for a week and a half.

Winking smile

AND the IKEA Giveaway winner has been posted! Check here to see if it was you!