Thursday, May 17, 2012

Para Comenzar

To begin.

A simple phrase. Just two words really, but when said together: “to begin”, this phrase seems huge to me. I’ve been preparing for today for months.

I procrastinated when I should have been packing…

photo (81)

I ate gluten free caramel mango chicken when I should have been cleaning…

photo (82)

Hazel…well…she certainly didn’t help.

photo (79)photo (80)

But ready or not, school starts today! I am officially a full-time, non-traditional student living 2 hours away from her husband. (say that three times fast) And even though classes didn’t start until today, I already had homework!

photo (83)

Is it legal to assign 35 pages of reading (in Spanish) before class even starts?!? And yes, I am asking about the legality because it sure feels like a crime.

Cross your fingers, send your prayers, and make a wish for me today. And hopefully I will somehow figure out how to eat a lunch in 15 minute spurts in between classes!