Friday, May 18, 2012

Most Viewed Recipe EVER

Are you going to the Farmer’s Market this weekend?

I don’t know about you guys but I really look forward to the summer farmer’s market. I mean, I love lettuce, spinach, and kale from the cooler months…

BUT give me tomatoes and strawberries!

And it’s funny because out of all the recipes that I have written on this blog over the last (nearly) four years, the MOST viewed page is for a  Potato Pizza Crust covered in a harvest of tomatoes! A recipe that came from bestie and is oh so easy to make.

tomato harvest_slice of heaven

It’s also the recipe that I get the most emails exclaiming how delicious and easy it was to make.

So this my challenge to you: Go to the farmer’s market. Buy fresh tomatoes just off the vine and some newly dug potatoes. Make this dish. Email me and we can both wax poetically about how delicious it is!

Recipe: Who Needs Pizza – Easy Potato Crust

You’re guaranteed a good weekend with this on your menu!

I have a nice little weekend planned to! Plenty of reading…

photo (84)

The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Willams

Plenty of riding….

photo (85)

Elliptical with Harry Potter = The easiest 300 calories burned ever!

And plenty of chatting…

photo (1)    photo (2)

Max is always hammin’ it up on Facetime.


What about you? Favorite farmer’s market purchase? Favorite recipe using fresh veggies or fruit?