Monday, May 7, 2012

Gluten Free in Raleigh, NC

Since this past weekend was one of my last weekends in what Parrish and I are calling “Normal Life”, we spent lots of quality time together hanging out with friends and puppies. Saturday we decided to drive in to Raleigh and visit the Museum of Natural Sciences and we just happened upon an AMAZING restaurant!

weekend! 001

The Remedy Diner in Downtown Raleigh!

137 East Hargett Street  Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 835-3553

Tons of vegan options and you can get most anything made gluten free.

And no, that doesn’t mean off the bun. They have gluten free bread yo!

weekend! 001

The above BLT with applewood bacon and avocado had the most delicious dollop of homemade vegan ranch! This sandwich was HANDS DOWN so dang good that I literally did not let it out of my hand. I ate every bite on my plate and was so completely satisfied!!

AND as it turns out, this is the restaurant that MOH ate at the last time she was in Raleigh and told me that I had to go there.

If you’re in the triangle of NC you MUST go to The Remedy Diner! And email me and I’ll meet you there!


Since I finished my Anthropology final this past Thursday (and scored a 94 what what!!) I have ACTUAL FREE TIME to read for pleasure!

Do you have a book you would recommend that I read before I begin summer classes in ten days?

Keep in mind I read the Hunger Games series over winter break. LOVED them!