Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exciting Weekend Up Ahead!

Thank GOODNESS for a long weekend!

With Memorial Day coming up, I’m out of class Friday through Monday which means…

esposo 001

no more Face Time with my hubby! Instead I’ll be getting real one on one face time, and I couldn’t be more excited about Smile (Mi esposo es guapo y tonto.)

And a long weekend means no more packed lunches for a few days!

crazy life 006

Not that my smoothie, wrap, and blueberries aren’t delicious BUT I would love to eat a meal while not walking from one building to another.

And yes, I do have school work to do this weekend BUT it will be nice to do said work in the comfort of my home, with these little angels in the room.

photo (12)

Dos perros amarillos

Honestly this week of school has been eye opening for me. I’m getting a real taste of what my upper level courses are going to be like in the fall, and I’m understanding more why I was advised that 3 courses in one month would be hard.

But even more, I am seeing how strong of a person I can be. Although I’m not sure I could do this without the support of my husband, in-laws, and friends, I have been stretched and pulled mentally and I haven’t had a complete melt down!

Plus it feels really good to be back in an academic environment. While of course I used my brain everyday working for a fair trade non-profit, nothing uses your brain quite like analyzing a piece of literature line by line. Love it.

Thank you guys so much for your supportive comments and emails. I’m sure it’s been a little different around here (on the blog) too BUT hopefully we can all get through this together.

Winking smile