Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wait…What?! Chipotle Take Out & A Lesson in Calories

Last night I did something that you guys have been telling me to do for a LOOONG time.


I ordered Chipotle* for supper. *Am I the only one who pronounces it like Chee-poe-tull in their head…and maybe sometimes out loud?

I utilized their online ordering system, making a special note that requested they change their gloves before making my meal.

My meal: Burrito bowl with chicken, lettuce, cheese, and salsa.


1/2 for lunch today; 1/2 for supper last night.

Since I was eating it at home I took the opportunity to skip the sour cream and add my own heaping serving of 0% Fat Plain Greek Yogurt.

heart chob

And when it comes to Chobani, a heap is better than a dollop!


I also added more shredded lettuce to add to the volume of my 1/2 portion for supper. This ended up being WAY more than enough food. I honestly could have portioned it into 3’s. (And when P and I are broke soon, that may be a realistic option!)

So what did I think?

chipotle 008

YUM. So good!

What I liked:

- The ease of ordering

- The SPEED! That food was ready fast!

- The ethical meat

- The simplicity of menu

- The freshness of the lettuce

This meal was great…

But not…perfect.

I have two beefs with Chipotle.

#1: I would LOVE a brown rice option. I know this would bring a little bit of a nuttiness into the flavor profile, but I would love it as an option.

#2: What the heck!!!! is going on with your chips?!?!?!

I checked the nutrition facts before ordering and found a very disturbing fact.

4 ounces of Chipotle chips, which is exactly what Parrish’s bag equaled

chipotle 004




And don’t be fooled by that bag! The chips started where the crease is, just above the word Chips.

I did allow myself eight chips, and I am convinced that they are laced with crack. Or at least lard, which is sort of my crack. They were tasty but not tasty enough for nearly half of my daily calories allowance!!!

Want to be amazed?

GUESS how many calories are in 4 tablespoons of the Chipotle vinaigrette?!