Friday, April 27, 2012

Share Your Story with Gluten Hates Me

May is Celiac Awareness Month!

awarness month_new one

AND as a person who has Celiac Disease, I can honestly say that I LOVE hearing other people’s gluten stories!

WHICH is why I am now looking for guest posts!

awarness month_share your story

Email me a gluten story.

It can be how you were diagnosed, a funny incident, a life changing Celiac moment…whatever! Be creative!

And I’ll share it with everyone on the blog!

Visit the Contact page for email info and I can’t wait to hear and share your stories Smile


Happy Friday!

I got my hair did!

Ummm I LOVE my new hairdresser! He’s amazing. I went in and told him to chop it all off because it was just too dang heavy. Instead he took out all the weight a bit of the length but left me with an easy cut that’s not hard to style!

Better pictures soon Winking smile