Monday, April 2, 2012

Put a little LOVE in your heart…

Man! What a great weekend. After a roller coaster of emotions this past week, Parrish and I made the decision to take the weekend off. Thanks to some help from family friends, we were able to enjoy one full day with each other, celebrating life and most of all: LOVE.

jess' wedding 007

My dear friend Jessica (remember the bridal shower?!) married her soul mate on Saturday. It was a brunch wedding, which was a first for me, but BOY was it fun! Turns out, brunch = bloody marys.


MOH and I arrived early in the morning to help set up. I made sure to have a BIG protein filled smoothie for breakfast and my favorite protein bar for a snack before the ceremony. I wasn’t sure about the gluten free options, so I had actually packed a second protein bar, but I was pleasantly surprised by the catered spread.

jess' wedding 038

This times two. Asparagus with shallots and boiled egg (sounds weird but it’s delicious), the MOST amazing spring salad, and crudité with a wasabi yogurt dip. It was catered by Posh Nosh catering. If you’re getting married in the Triangle of NC, I highly recommend! It was all SO GOOD.

I followed my brunch with a mimosa dessert and a DELICIOUS glass of lemonade. Sometimes lemonade is just so good. It’s even better with a tiny nip of vodka.

uno dos tres

It was so nice to be surrounded by friends and almost family for an entire day and celebrate love and commitment.

jess' wedding 011jess' wedding 013

jess' wedding 015jess' wedding 020

jess' wedding 014

jess' wedding 048


***** So much fun *****


Parrish and I are going to be back and forth between Wilmington and Durham all week, so I took an hour on Sunday to prep food for the next few days.


I am far more likely to eat healthy, fresh foods if I don’t have to clean or cut them when I’m in a rush. I made two of my favorite juices, green beans for snack and also for supper on Tuesday, sweet pepper for snacks and sandwiches, celery for snack, and pineapple for smoothies, breakfasts, and desserts.

I love having food prepped and ready to go; I need to do it more often!!


Guess what I’m having for supper tonight?




You guys talk about it all the time; what should I order?