Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a Little Bit Fishy

A few days ago one of my favorite bloggers Janetha posted somewhat of an interesting challenge:

adventurous april

to be adventurous! Just try something you wouldn’t normally do. Bonus points: Email Janetha what you did that was adventurous and you’ll get entered in to a weekly giveaway.

I like challenging myself, and so when I saw the sales flyer at Harris Teeter this past week, I knew what I had to do. Adventure found!


I cooked fish!

I’ve cooked with salmon before, but that’s about it. I’m not a super fishy person, but Parrish LOVES seafood; the fishier the better.

So I tried it!

After perusing Pinterest (where else would I look for recipes? or outfit ideas? or ways to use mason jars?) I found a recipe that looked pretty good. I only had to change out the flour for gluten free flour and voila!

To view the recipe head on over to One Lovely Life HERE. Just be sure to switch out the flour for your favorite gluten free mix. I used Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour because it’s what I had open.

The verdict?

fishy 009

Parrish loved it! Me….it was okay. Honestly, it was just too fishy! I loved the delicate crisp batter, and the lime really pulled through, but in the end it was just too fishy for me.

But hey, I tried it! AND I ate an entire filet. I’m not saying I wouldn’t eat it again, I’m just saying that fishy still isn’t my favorite.

Side Note: There’s a restaurant in Wilmington named “Something Fishy”! Is that not just the worst name for a seafood restaurant?


Four Days until I turn 29 years old! Bah! I can’t believe I’m getting ready to have my last year in my twenties…although I’m pretty excited about my thirties! Winking smile