Monday, April 30, 2012



Yesterday was one of those days where I woke up with the motivation to get things done! Lately it doesn’t seem like I have these days as often, so I embraced it and whirred around the house like the Tazmanian Devil checking ‘To Do’s’ off my list!

Dusting: Check!

photo (71)

No dust bunnies here! I dusted every surface in our house, which took over two hours!! Here’s a tip: When an English major marries a Poetry major, you end up with WAY MORE books than one couple will ever need! Donate, donate, donate! Otherwise, it will take you over two hours to dust!

Capiz Chandelier hung: Check!

        photo (72)

I FINALLY hung this gorgeous capiz chandelier in Parrish and I’s bedroom! Now I just need to take down the paddles on the fan and give them a neutral coat of paint.

Hat hung: Check!

         photo (68)

Last weekend I was able to choose one of my Papa’s hats and I chose this truly awesome white cowboy hat. If you had ever had the pleasure of meeting my Papa in person, most likely he would have been wearing a super cool hat like this. I love it.

Portfolio Finished: Check!

I am finished with my Creative Writing class! I had to turn in my portfolio of completed works (one non-fiction, one fiction, and one poem) by Tuesday. Since I’m a NON-TRADITIONAL student who has a full-time job, I went ahead and banged it out yesterday! Woo hoo to not waiting until the last minute!

Grocery List for the week: Check!

          photo (69)

I love making menus, and while this week isn’t the most exciting week of meals, it is going to be easy! I start training my replacement at work this week, so the days are going to be a bit longer. Easy suppers will make that less stressful.

After making the menu, I went to the store and bought the necessities. Once home, I went ahead and sliced and diced all our veggies for the week. It’s so much easier, and I love it when I have the time to make that step happen.

Delicious Supper: Check!

photo (70)

Kale Chips with The BEST gluten free chicken nuggets ever!! This is what happens when you’re so busy getting things done that you forget to eat lunch! But seriously, I love those nuggets!

So how was I able to stay so motivated today? How was I able to harness that much energy?!


        photo (67)

Yummy, FROTHY coffee that kept me running all day. I bought a little $2.99 frother at Ikea last weekend. BEST purchase. Yum!

And of course, when I bought one for me, I also bought one for you!


You could win an Ikea frother and make your own deliciously frothed treats at home! Not only for coffee, this little whiz also makes your homemade dressings perfectly assimilate!


The Winner #11: Carli Goeman! Congrats Carli! Email me to claim your prize Smile


Nikki said...

Im a big fan of fresh soy milk creamer in my coffee. Would love a frother to froth up some soy goodness!!!

Alissa said...

I can't wait to try the chicken nugget recipe:)

I've been using almond milk in my coffee, and I'm having a passionate love affair with Vanilla Almond Breeze. So yummy, and nice and sweet, too.

engineergirl said...

I love milk in my coffee, any kind. :)

Anonymous said...

Half and half is the best way to go! I don't like sugar in my coffee so flavored creamer is not my thing. I'm in college and in a constant battle to stay awake, so coffee is my best friend!! Milk? Not thick and creamy enough :P

Susanna Joy said...

Oops that anonymous comment was me :D

Karen said...

I use cream, but it's actually the non-dairy creamer.

Liz said...

Cool! I use So Delicious brand coconut milk in my coffee usually. I use the "original" flavor which has some sweetener in it so I don't use sugar. I'd love a frother!

Anonymous said...

while i'm here in poland for med school, i use this "cream" they have here which is just condensed milk at about 4% milkfat. or i go to the other end of the spectrum and use skim milk :) at home in the states i LOVE chocolate almond milk :-D

GF Gidget said...

I only like almond milk if it's heated and frothed. Since I don't have a frother, I only get special coffees on special occasions. I really hope I win now!

allison said...

I use coconut creamer in my coffee, but I would love to froth up some of my almond milk instead!

Unknown said...

I use soy milk!

iampalegreen said...

Marlow, this is awesome! I use So Delicious Coconut Milk creamer in the french vanilla flavor for my coffee. Yum! :)

Tammy Keeley said...

What a awesome cowboy hat you have displayed on your wall. It seems like it will keep those great memories of your papa alive.