Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hidden Valley Ranch is Gluten Free & Other Confessions

Confession: I impulse bought $10 animal print flats at Target…

AND I love them! Even though they totally show off my scar from wearing cheap Old Navy flip flops all the live long day.


Confession: I was so distracted by this week’s episode of SMASH that I accidentally stayed on the Step/Liptical for 50 minutes…

and burned 560 calories and nearly ate my arm at lunch. But seriously: I love that show.

Confession: I also LOVE the new show Best Friends Forever


Seriously, I want to move in with these hilarious ladies and be the third best friend. Q is amazing.

Confession: I’m getting my hair cut today….like CUT cut.

Adios long a** hair that is constantly tangling, getting caught in my bra strap, and weighing a ton.

Confession: These Udi’s Muffin Tops are just plain delicious. That’s really less of a confession and more of a fact.

Confession: I planned BLT’s for supper last night and then I realized that I had forgotten the L and the T’s were moldy. So all I had was the B. OH and we’re out of cheese. So bacon on gluten free bread sans everything?


Confession: I ate a giant cheeseburger for supper last night…

dough-nuts 016

and it was delicious. Only Burger on an Udi’s gluten free bun.

Good thing I spaced on that machine and burned those calories. Winking smile

Confession: When I read this press release about Hidden Valley dressing labeling their gluten free products…I squealed. Out Loud. In the middle of a coffee shop.


Oh, don’t worry about me professional business lady waiting for your morning latte. I’m just waging a war against gluten and winning some Ranchy battles. No big.