Thursday, April 19, 2012

Days like these…

that start with an Isn’t She Lovely waffle in five minutes flat!

             photo (62)

Oh yes baby! This breakfast is back and MORE delicious than I remembered!!

Days like these where you’re able to cram in a really good sweat session:

           photo (63)

My Y got these new elliptical/stair climber hybrids. Oh boy.

remind you what you wake up early for!

Days like these,

where you further prove that the world does NOT need bread (or gluten for goodness sakes),

          photo (64)

That’s right! I wrap my meat in cheese and dipper in mustard. Done and done.

are like tiny triumphs at lunch time. Tiny delicious triumphs!

Days like these, where my husband is a good sport, and accompanies me to a musical…

      photo (65)      

even though he doesn’t like musicals. AND halfway through he whispers to me, “There are too many songs!” To which I whisper back, “Honey. It’s a MUSICal!”

          photo (66)

But in the end, we both loved it! It was positively hilarious and peppered with AWESOME cheer stunts! Really a great show.

And the perfect way to end the day.

Because days like these remind of how lucky I truly am. Simple things in a day that measure up to a happier, healthier me.


Happy Thursday! It’s my Friday today, and by the time we chat tomorrow morning I will be with bestie, BIL, and Lil’ Gluten Loves Me!