Friday, April 13, 2012

A Day of Comfort

Yesterday was a day that was good for my soul. It was comforting day, and after all the stress Parrish and I have been under these past few weeks, I needed it!

I started out with an absolutely LOVELY morning with fellow blogger, Courtney, of Gluten Free Jesus Freak.

thursday 002

Ummm…she’s amazing. Funnier, nicer, and even warmer in person. We spent a short hour chatting away non-stop. From long distance relationship advice to Celiac Disease pet peeves, it was so nice to finally get to meet her in person!

I LOVE blog friends! Finally someone that you can say “Oh. I saw on this one blog…” and they completely understand!

Winking smile

And my day ended with a plate of one of my favorite comfort foods:

thursday 014

Shepherd’s Pie!!

My MIL Emily made a super yummy gluten free meal for Parrish and I since we were coming back to Wilmington to be with Parrish’s Dad.

You can find the recipe here on Good Housekeeping’s website. It was positively scrumptious and just what I wanted. Funnily enough we’ve actually had a chilly past two days, so this meal was perfect.


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