Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You might be gluten free..

you might be

…you stalk the frozen PF Chang meals at the grocery store to see if they’ve released a gluten free line.

…you get excited when you find Chocolate Chex.

…you can speed read an ingredients list.

…you use google on your smartphone to find restaurants when traveling.

…your lunch bag is more like a lunch tote.

…pictures of wheat fields make you a little bit angry.

…you feel loyal to the bone to restaurants that offer you gluten free options.

…you always keep a food bar close by.

…you bake an entire pan of gluten free brownies, just ‘cause.

…you experiment with new recipes.

…some of those recipes don’t always work out.

…fresh waffles are a treat.

you travel with your own GF hamburger buns.

…you love yogurt…maybe a little too much.

…you take engagement photos…with a gluten free sandwich.

photo (45)

Yes. Me and that sandwich are getting married.

Winking smile

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