Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strength–the Root of the Word

I’ve always marveled at how quickly your entire life can change.

One minute you’re sitting at your coffee table for breakfast with your husband; your eyes are still small and sleepy as you eat your oatmeal. This is your daily routine. You take a bite, just as your husband looks at his phone and says “Oh no. This isn’t going to be good.”

And just like that, as you listen to a voicemail left on your phone at 1 in the morning, you realize that…

Life is fragile.

You are fragile.

And the rocks in your life, the people you depend on to stay steady, they’re fragile too.

           photo (58)

Friday morning Parrish and I received a call that his father was in the hospital. While I don’t want to go in to the specifics of why he is sick, I will say that it is unexpected, a shock, and extremely serious.

Saturday night I spent the night in the room with my father-in-law. In the blanket of the dark room, I sat and slept.

         photo (57)

I listened and watched. Nurses come in like clockwork. Machines beep; the lights brighten and dim.

Sunday morning, as the sun rose, I prayed to God to refill my strength. I prayed that he would help me be strong for my husband and a comfort to my father-in-law.

          photo (56)

On the seventh floor, God continued to answer my prayers.

                  photo (60)

On Sunday we moved to an ICU ward, specific for my father-in-law’s needs. The worst part?

photo (55)  photo (61)

This waiting room. The beauty of the 7th floor was the privacy and the peace. In this waiting room we’re surrounded by mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends whose hearts are just as heavy as ours.

So today I pray for my own strength; for Parrish’s strength; for my father-in-law’s. I also pray for all those around me, for peace, for comfort, and strength.

I would love your prayers too.